Shimano 600 AX Manual

Last week I fixed my vintage Koga Miyata bike and thought I could use it for some exercise during the curfew. First tour to Öjendorfer See went fine, but when I was out on thursday to pick up food from Focacceria Apulia, the right pedal broke off of the crank. Literally. Back home I found out that the whole Shimano groupset on the bike is not the standard Shimano 600 but the Shimano 600 AX series, which was produced only between 1981 and 1983 and uses wider holes to attach the pedal to the crank. I was lucky to find »

Sebastian Herzberg Sebastian Herzberg

Migrating to Kubernetes - 2

By late 2018 we had a couple of clusters running and already accumulated several tools that would need to run on the cluster to be production ready. Things like Filebeat, Prometheus, external-dns and Dex & Gangway for example. It was not desirable to roll these out in multiple manual steps. »

Migrating to Kubernetes - 1

At FREE NOW (formerly mytaxi) we run a microservice backend consisting of roughly 300 services supported by a set of auxiliary applications. Since 2015 we have been using AWS ECS as the underlying container platform. »