Shimano 600 AX Manual

Last week I fixed my vintage Koga Miyata bike and thought I could use it for some exercise during the curfew. First tour to Öjendorfer See went fine, but when I was out on thursday to pick up food from Focacceria Apulia, the right pedal broke off of the crank. Literally.

Back home I found out that the whole Shimano groupset on the bike is not the standard Shimano 600 but the Shimano 600 AX series, which was produced only between 1981 and 1983 and uses wider holes to attach the pedal to the crank. I was lucky to find exactly these pedals on ebay Kleinanzeigen in Hamburg. The bike is now in a workshop to be fixed.

I'm writing this post not only to tell you about my incident, but to conserve the manual about this special Shimano groupset, which I found in the Rennrad-News forum. The pictures were posted by the user b-r-m. I'm reposting them here to avoid that they get lost. You can download the archive here:

Sebastian Herzberg

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