Show and tell: Netflix Ice

If you run your infrastructure at AWS you maybe also use several of their services like CloudWatch, RDS or S3. Over a month this adds up to a big pile of paper with a lot of dollar signs on it. Also, from a security standpoint, I recommend having a separate AWS account for testing besides the one that runs your live infrastructure. This way you lower the risks of accidentally damaging your live setup. So there is another pile of invoices for your second account.

I don't like this pile of papers and I want to see the impact of my changes in the infrastructure to the hourly AWS rates. A while ago a colleague came to me and told me, that Netflix had a tool for just that. It is called Ice and it is available on Github.

To use it you have to set up an S3 bucket that holds your billing reports. These reports are pretty big .csv files, that will be parsed by Ice. In the settings you can configure the S3 bucket where Ice will look for the files and you can tell Ice the IDs of your AWS accounts.

To spin up your own Ice, you can use the dockerized version available also on Github. It will take a moment to start up and present you with a lot of graphs soon after.

Sebastian Herzberg

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